München: Ruhmeshalle mit Bavaria

Max-Planck-Str. 1 , 81675 München

München: Maximilianeum Frontansicht

Bayern ist ohne Zweifel das ungewöhnlichste Bundesland Deutschlands. Seine Landschaft, seine Städte, seine moderne Industrie und seine uralten Traditionen, das alles geht eine unvergleichliche Melange ein. Der Freistaat steht für Heimatverbundenheit gepaart mit Weltoffenheit. So wie sich in Bayern Tradition und Moderne verbinden, so ist auch der Spontanrealismus. Ein neuer Blick auf Altvertrautes mit farblich, dynamischer Verfremdung. Von Neuschwanstein bis Würzburg zeigt die Künstlerin mit ihren Bildern einen interessanten, neuen Blick auf bayerische Landschaften und Städte.

München: Pallas Athene vor Maximilianeum

Celebrating Bavaria  2018

100 years Bavarian Republic

200 years Bavarian Constitution


Exhibition at the

Bavarian State Parliament Building


Depicting Bavaria in Spontaneous Realism

A modern look at Bavaria’s tradition by Ruth Welnhofer

The artist Ruth Welnhofer presents scenes or buildings from all 7 Bavarian administrative districts in her spontaneous realistic large-format series of pictures. Many of the buildings have been declared world cultural heritage by UNESCO.


In addition to these there is also Speyer, the former 8th district of the historic Bavarian Palatinate left of the Rhine.


She puts on the canvas Bavaria’s immediate reality, its traditions and modernity, love of our home country together with openness for the world and optimism with a powerful stroke of the brush in shining bright colors.


This different perspective, in which representational art and abstraction blend into an impressive symbiosis, offers a totally new impression of ancient, imposing buildings and parks from the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Classicist periods and Historicism, Art Nouveau and the modern age.


The new technique of Spontaneous Realism achieves individuality, genuine creativity, thrilling combinations, power, interesting structures and transitions, a strong impression of depth, pronounced shades of colors and a harmony of contrasts.


In a dynamic and thus very spontaneous work process of drawing and applying many layers of colors the artist succeeds in converting her own emotional creativity in a lively and colorful way by means of realistic motives and life situations.

Using exceptional tools, she is always faced by the challenge of preserving the bottom layers in a translucid way to keep the paintings alive. The core of the art is to give the motives the necessary realistic shape that can be recognized by anyone throughout the whole work process.


Beyond visual perception the observer is touched emotionally, is meant to feel freedom, the joy of life through creativity and the expressive character, the beauty and active multi-cultural life in Bavaria’s cities and their buildings as places of international encounter.


Visual artist: born in Mönchengladbach 1956


Artistic activities and training:

Graduation from Gregor-Mendel-Gymnasium Amberg;

Master of Education (Elementary and Middle Schools) at the University of Regensburg, special exam in arts; work as a teacher and freelance artist;


Study tours abroad:


  • Italy: American art academy ITALART at Castiglion Fiorentino; Cortona; Montepulciano; Arezzo; Rome;
  • Switzerland: Scuola di Scultura di Peccia (stone mason’s school);
  • Austria: Alpine Art Academy – Ramsau, Dachstein;
  • USA: University of West Florida, College of Arts and Social Sciences, Pensacola, Florida; Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana;

New York; Washington, DC; Boston; Atlanta; Chicago; New Orleans; Orlando; San Francisco; Los Angeles, Denver; St. Louis;

  • Japan: Tokyo – Ginza; Yokohama, Hayama Marina;
  • Afrika Kenia - Mombasa;
  • Asia: Hong Kong; Singapore; Bangkok; Manila; Bali - Ubud;


Favorite techniques: Drawing, watercolor painting, oil, acrylics / Spontaneous Realism;


Exhibitions: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, USA, Japan;


Paintings in public and private collections:


  • Europe: (Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Hungary, Greece, Slovakia, Poland);
  • America (USA, Canada);
  • Asia (China, Japan, Bali);
  • Australia (Queensland);


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München: Rathaus - Frauenkirche - Alter Peter
München: Prinz-Carl-Palais
Nürnberg: Hauptmarkt mit Frauenkirche
Regensburg: Steinerne Brücke - Donauufer- Dom St. Peter
München: Odeonsplatz (Doppelbild)
Bamberg: Rathaus
München: Marienplatz (Doppelbild)
Rothenburg: Plönlein mit Siebentor und Kobolzeller Tor
München: Olympiapark
Speyer: Kaiser- und Mariendom
Regensburg: Haidplatz Richtung Kohlenmarkt
Luftkunstort Amberg: Rathaus mit Blick in die Rathaus- und Bahnhofstraße
Luftkunstort Amberg: ehemaliges Zeughaus und Stadtbrille
Würzburg: Alte Mainbrücke - Altes Rathaus - Dom St. Kilian
Bayreuth: Eremitage mit Schlosspark Wasserspielen
München: Valentin - Viktualienmarkt
München: Marienplatz - Altes Rathaus - Alter Peter
Regensburg: Dom St. Peter (Luftbild)
Augsburg: Rathaus mit Perlachturm und Marktplatz
München: Pavillon im Hofgarten
Regensburg: Haidplatz Richtung Arnulfsplatz
München: Villa Stuck mit Amazone
München: Hofbräuhaus
Ansbach: Rathaus und St. Gumbertus
München: Müllersches Volksbad
Passau: Rathaus - Dom St. Stephan - Donauufer
Landshut: Landshuter Hochzeit mit Moriskentänzern
München: Feldherrnhalle
München: Bavaria - Theresienwiese
Luftkunstort Amberg: Frauenkirche und Martinskirche
© Bildarchiv Bayerischer Landtag | Foto: Rolf Poss