and management of




ART- and Culture weeks:



Ruth Welnhofer has organized and taken part in numerous national or international exhibitions and cultural events in


as well as abroad in

America, Japan, Italy, Switzerland and Austria:






 1. Germany: 



current exhibitions 2012-2015


  • Amberg from a bird's eye view by

         Ruth Welnhofer

         Stadtsparkasse Amberg - Marienstr. 10



  • exhibitions of paintings by Ruth Welnhofer at medical centers:

         a) Die Hausärzte, Fleurystr. 7;

             92224 Amberg,


         b) 92289 Ursensollen, Dr. Hohenstatt

              und Dr. Krauss, Hohenburger Str. 41;



  • Eckerts fashion boutique -

        series of paintings "circulation of air"

        Bahnhofstr.  , 92245 Amberg;



  • Hotel Brunner, Konstantin Schatz

         Batteriegasse 3, 92245 Amberg;




recent exhibitions 2010-2012



  • "soaring high into the sky above Amberg" from Nov. 17,2011 through June 29, 2012

        Foyer zum Großen Rathaussaal Amberg


  •  "soaring high into the sky above Amberg"

         from Sept. 24, 2011

         through June 28, 2012

         in the spa area of

         Amberg's Kurfürstenbades

         Stadtwerke Amberg

        Wellnesslandschaft Kurfürstenbad Amberg


  • "soaring high into the sky above Amberg  

         on Oct. 9, 2011

         at the Casinosaal Amberg

         opening of Dr. Ebo Rau

         and Stefan Klatt



  • "soaring high into the sky above Amberg"

         from July 4, 2011 through Aug. 30, 2011

         150 years celebration of

         HypoVereinsbank Amberg - Bahnhofstr.




  • "houses for individualistic heads"

         @mail-fabrik Amberg

         selectivhaus - Küchenschmalz



  • "short vacation for the soal" 

         "Come, take time!" - 

         mediterranian impressions and 

         air-art-nanas of Amberg

         Kurfürstenbad Amberg - spa area



  • trade fair:

        "market of senses and beautiful things"

         @mail-fabrik 4.-5. Juni 2011,

         @mail-fabrik Markt der Sinne

  • Temporary exhibition CARPE VITAM, Medical care center Dr. Hohenstatt, Dr. Krauss, 92289 Ursensollen, Hohenburger Str. 41, 2009-2011;


  • 2011 Stadtgalerie / Alte Feuerwache Amberg: presenttion and sail of the "Charity-air-art-cards of Amberg"- special edition 2011 - by Ruth Welnhofer" during the 2010-2011 exhibition of the "Amberg artists group". Special thanks to the artists Achim Hüttner and Heini Hohl;


  • 1st Amberg air art night in the air art city: 2010 city exhibition  "Luft-Kunst-Blicke" by Ruth Welnhofer, "soaring high into the sky over Amberg";


  • "Circulation of air in autumn!"
        from oct. 8 through nov. 13 2010
        fashion house Eckert
        at 92224 Amberg,
        Bahnhofstr. 5
        byRuth Welnhofer      

        experimental paintings:

        1. air flow;

        2. air circulation;

        3. air dynamics;

        4. gust of wind;

        5. air hole;




former exhibitions (summary)


  • 14. INTERNATIONALER  KONGRESS DER  GESELLSCHAFT FÜR BIOLOGISCHE KREBSABWEHR  e.V. (Cancer congress) - Kongresshaus Stadthalle Heidelberg  2009- www.biokrebs-kongress.de
  • AMBERGER CONGRESSZENTRUM - ACC - exhibition for Karl-Heinz-Böhm;
  • STADTMUSEUM Amberg - organization, management and participation in the exhibition  „Kunst-Stücke" (ART Pieces) featuring artists from Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Japan and South Africa;
  • exhibitions in the TOWN HALLS of Amberg and Kümmersbruck;
  • MUSIK- UND KOMMUNIKATIONSZENTRUM MUSIKOMM in Amberg - management, organization, participation in the exhibition "Kunst-Stücke" ("Art Pieces") by 15 artists from Germany, Italy and America);
  • HAMMERSCHLOSS Schmidmühlen - management, organization, participation in the exhibition "Kunst-Stücke" ("Art Pieces");
  • Participation in artistic and cultural events in the Upper Palatinate;
  • KUNSTSCHEUNE "ART BARN" by Trepesch Berndt, Fuchsstein - Amberg;
  • GALERIE Bilder-Bücher - Amberg;
  • KUNST-MÄRKTE (art markets), DR. EBO RAU, Heilig-Geist-Stift, Amberg;
  • Exhibitions with different COMPANIES  (Financial Management, Real Estate, Wholesale and Retail Companies, Advertising), in HOSPITALS and MEDICAL HEALTH CENTERS;
  • Schafferhof GmbH, Neuhaus;
  • in own STUDIOS: Atelier ARTista in Kümmersbruck and ROTES MALER-HÄUSL  in Amberg;




2. America: 


  • UNIVERSITY OF WEST FLORIDA, College of Arts and Social Sciences, Pensacola, USA;
  • Art academy THE VISUAL FINE ART STUDIO, Fuller Brown,  Master of Fine Arts from Memphis State University, Pensacola, USA;
  • PALM COTTAGE STUDIO, City of Pensacola, Vickrey Community Center, USA;
  • Florida - Pensacola - DILLARD'S - CORDOVA MALL GALLERY;




3. Japan: 


  • Tokyo, GALERIE  WACHI, Nishiginza BLD 1 F;




4. Italy: 


  • ART ACADEMY  ITALART - Santa Chiara Study Center at CASTIGLION FIORENTINO - Tuscany;
  • CASTIGLION FIORENTINO - TUSCANY -  international exhibition "ART-PIECES / KUNST-STÜCKE / MOMENTI D'ARTE / BINO HITO KOMA" in PINACOTECA and EX CHIESA DEGLIE SCOLOPI,  CORSO ITALIA  - organization, management and participation in the exhibition  „Kunst-Stücke" (ART Pieces) featuring artists from Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Japan and South Africa;
  • International ART-Festival "ART-PIECES / KUNST-STÜCKE / MOMENTI D'ARTE / BINO HITO KOMA"  im CHIOSTRO SANT'AGOSTINO - CENTRO CONSEGNIS in CORTONA (AR), Tuscany - Italy www.cortonasviluppo.it/old/home_it.htm -  with artists from Germany, Great Britain, Italy and South Africa;

    International Art Festival

    Dal 1 al 14 Settembre 2008 presso il PALAZZO VESCOVILE di Piazza Grande a Montepulciano (SI) si terrà l' INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL;





5. Switzerland:



  • SCUOLA DI SCULTURA DI PECCIA , Vallemaggia / Tecino;





 6. Austria: